About me

Hi, I’m Shan! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, but I moved to NYC to attend college. I've recently graduated and now I'm pursuing my dream of introducing bomb ass vegan food to a wide audience. I’m not sure what to put here aside from the fact that I love cats, mangos and avocado toast. I’m pretty much your typical vegan except for the fact that I hate yoga.

I'm also fluent in Spanish and spent a semester studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain in the Spring of 2017. I chose to take a step back from social media for the majority of my time abroad, but it was a truly life changing experience which changed my views on life and food.

Though I remained vegan throughout my entire study abroad time, the exposure to a new culture and cuisine really opened my eyes to the amount of unnecessary stress and scrutiny that I had put myself under by the way I chose to follow strict, restrictive diets. After that experience, I chose to follow a less strict vegan diet–as in not super clean 100% of the time.

To reflect my change in mindset, the recipes you will see on this site will be focused on overall health, wellness and balance. So I won't be posting exclusively oil-free, or gluten free or whatever-free recipes, because I don't think that's attainable to the average person, and that's surely not how I eat! 

You will also start to see more Spanish-influenced recipes, as I learned a lot about cooking while I was in Spain!

Though I differ from many vegans out there, I’m truly passionate about showing people how easy and satisfying it is to follow a vegan diet. I hope this blog will be a resource for you to learn about my life and how I manage to live the vegan lifestyle as a vegan in NYC! 

About the Blog 

I started Meatless in New York shortly after going vegan in 2015 both as a way to document my journey to better health and to track my progress as I learned to navigate the vegan world. I love that MiNY has now become a platform that can inspire thousands of people and is a testament to the fact that anyone can be vegan. Above all, what I want to share with my audience is that veganism can be whatever you want it to be—whether you want to be a junk food vegan or a “clean eater,” there is a place for you at Meatless in New York. 

about my ad policy

You might have noticed that I do not have adsense set up on this website. That is because I don't want to lose control of the content that is posted on my blog, and I don't want to sell out my readers to random advertisers for clicks. I value the user experience and I don't want to be the type of blogger who adds endless fluff to be able to squeeze in as many ads as possible. So as an alternative to adsense, I use Amazon Associate links, meaning that I make a small commission when any items are purchased through my links. This allows me to continue making content and to support myself as a recent college graduate trying to make it in the city. I also accept paid partnerships from brands that align with my message and that I think you all will enjoy! If anything changes about this ad policy I will be sure to be transparent about it, but for now this is what I'm doing and what I would like to continue doing!